Lennor CEO

I am Lennor D. Smith, MSW. My team and I are at your denim service! I should inform you I am a bit non-traditional and free flowing. My love and passion for denim has united us and for that, I am eternally grateful! I take this time to thank you for supporting this journey in making denim hugs a reality for all walks of life.

My skills set is defined as that of a Denim Fabricator, and not necessarily a Fashion Designer (even though that’s kind of what I do). These one of a kind creations describe themselves as haute couture, customized, enhanced and up-cycled denim art, which makes the body sort of a human canvas. Please take a moment to explore all that FLAWED Denim and BLACK by Design, FLAWED Denim, has to offer.

 FD Kids, and The BLACK by Design, FLAWED Denim Divisions are headed by Nia Whitfield, and bring enhanced and contemporary designs for the bold and confident trendsetter. Some designs are readily available while others are made to order.

 Unbeknownst to us, life takes us down paths that may or may not settle well at present, but the future should yield options that we are more equipped to plot, plan and execute. I fought long and hard to get to this denim paradise and again: THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME. Please enjoy your experience and I am hopeful you are able to depart in “blue.”  There’s nothing like seeing denim come to life so after receiving your creation(s), please send photos!


Note: As an on-going commitment to our partners, models receive a commission from the sale of their style(s).